Home Sweet Home is Suitable for Migrants

RIGONCE, SLOVENIA – OCTOBER 23: Migrants are escorted through fields by police as they are walked from the village of Rigonce to Brezice refugee camp on October 23, 2015 in Rigonce,, Slovenia. Thousands of migrants marched across the border between Croatia into Slovenia as authorities intensify their efforts to attempt to cope with Europe’s largest migration of people since World War II. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

RANGPUR, Bangladesh, Apr 09 (IPS) – maximum migrants to Europe, Australia and the usa from Rangpur in northern Bangladesh leave home at a young age and go back once they have simply handed middle age.
Intensely related and immersed in family bonds and Bangladeshi cultural values, they generally tend to return to their birthplace notwithstanding obtaining citizenship from a 2d us of a. For them, going to those a long way flung locations is set operating hard to save money. And ultimately, they want to come back home.

Many at the moment are properly off and feature enough price range to invest in enterprise ventures in Rangpur and in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This IPS correspondent lately met two such returnees – Rakibuzzaman and Golam Sarwar Habib.

both had migrated to Belgium in their children and feature now again to Bangladesh of their center age. both of them experience dual citizenship of Bangladesh and Belgium.

The stories of Rakibuzzaman and Habib tell us that anywhere migrants cross, they’re looking for better earning mainly to appearance after their households again home. Many return with newly received skills and make investments in the economies in their home countries. Their contributions to host and domestic countries are massive and help economies on both sides.

Rakibuzzaman, 54, of Senpara region in Rangpur metropolis, three hundred km north of the capital, now runs a big restaurant and a readymade garments shop in Dhap region of the metropolis. Rakibuzzaman spoke to IPS about how he exceeded his days in ache and anguish in Belgium with out his mother and father and loved ones who he left at the back of in Bangladesh for greater than two decades.

The 0.33 of six siblings, Rakib turned into brought up in an extended family. His father changed into an inspector inside the Bangladesh police pressure. He finished a Secondary college certificate (equivalent to O tiers) from Rangpur Zila school in 1982. From early childhood, he dreamt about going to a european u . s . a . if you want to being profitable.

“To go to a eu united states was no longer as difficult within the Nineteen Nineties as it’s far nowadays,” Rakib instructed IPS.

He left Bangladesh for Germany in 1986 with a go to visa and stayed there for 365 days. Then in 1987, he moved to Belgium and worked at a chemical manufacturing unit in Ghent, a port city in the northwest, for nearly four years.

“i found enterprise to be more profitable than the activity in Ghent and therefore opened up a store inside the town and ran the business profitably for about 17 years,” said Rakib.

“there has been hardly an afternoon in Belgium that handed without recalling my candy recollections in Bangladesh,” he stated, including, “We had no cellphone connection with my domestic in Bangladesh and communication with my relatives in Bangladesh from Belgium turned into very high priced. I may want to talk to my mom over the smartphone only as soon as every week.”

Rakib’s mom eagerly waited for him to name on the house of a neighbor every weekend.

“I felt the absence of my parents and loved ones badly throughout my live in Belgium,” Rakib said, adding that he changed into continually anxious to get a few information on Bangladesh every day however Bangladeshi newspapers were no longer to be had in Belgium.

The Belgian government showed his citizenship after 4 years of residing there. once you have his passport, he traveled to Bangladesh to fulfill his mother and father and family.

“I can’t provide an explanation for how I felt on the day I arrived in Bangladesh from Belgium in 1996. On arrival at Saidpur airport, I wanted I could kiss its soil,” said Rakib.

“I spent one month with my own family and having me at home, my own family’s pleasure turned into endless. It was a festive period for one month. As quickly as I left Bangladesh for Belgium, my dad and mom and circle of relatives participants fell returned into deep pathos. Departure from Bangladesh for me become painful too. despite the pain I in no way overlooked what I had as a life in Belgium.” Rakib could not bury his mom nor his father after their deaths within a span of ten years. In each cases, he arrived at his domestic in Rangpur city per week following their deaths. And in Bangladesh, like in many countries, the ones of Islamic faith ought to bury the departed inside 24 hours. it’s miles his best disappointment in life that he couldn’t be there to bury his parents and Rakib says he still haunted with the aid of guilt.

“My elder sister who changed into a legal professional in Rangpur court additionally died at some point of my live in Belgium,” he stated. “I could not attend her funeral inside the u . s . a . because i was closely engaged inside the commercial enterprise in Ghent in the ones days.”

In 1998, he married Momotaz Zaman of Rangpur and controlled to arrange her travel to Belgium after three months. They now have youngsters, Sayeduzzaman Rayan and Raina. though the youngsters are citizens of Belgium, they have been added up in Bangladesh.

“My son Rayan completed A-level with grade A in three topics from North-West international college (English medium of preparation) underneath British Council in Rangpur this 12 months and daughter, Raina is doing her O tiers from the equal group,” Rakib stated.

Rayan is now looking for a college in Europe for graduate college.

Rakib said Belgium is one of the pleasant international locations in Europe, including, “even though being residents of Belgium, Rayan and Raina ought to not neglect the lifestyle and values of Bangladesh.”

“My wish is that they need to come returned to Bangladesh after getting higher education from abroad. due to the fact Bangladesh has stepped forward economically. If the authorities maintains the national boom at the equal charge, the united states of america will be upgraded to a wealthy united states inside the next 20 years. What we want now is good regulations and exact governance from the government side,” Rakib concludes.

Golam Sarwar Habib, 56, of Khalipara in Rangpur left Bangladesh in 1991 after graduating from college when he turned into 27. He went to Belgium directly.

“in the early years, for nearly 5 years I used to do extraordinary jobs,” he stated. “Later, I set up a store at Ghent.”

At 35, Habib married a Belgian female and became a citizen of Belgium by means of dint of marriage. Habib selected now not to reveal his wife and son’s names to IPS.

“My spouse and sons frequently visit Bangladesh but do not stay here for more than two weeks at a stretch,” he said.

Habib purchased a shopping center named Jahaj corporation complicated in 2007 in the center of Rangpur metropolis. There are 120 small shops within the three-storey mall. He leased the stores to some businessmen of Rangpur. In go back, he gets a good-looking amount of condo money.

Habib stated, “The shopping mall isn’t a profitable subject compared with the funding. but I may be busy with the work right here when I come to Bangladesh.”

Habib spends six months in Bangladesh each yr and 6 months in Belgium. He nevertheless runs his commercial enterprise in Ghent.

“The information generation has advanced to this point that i can oversee my commercial enterprise in Belgium even from Bangladesh,” he stated.

Like Rakib, Habib says the well-being of his dad and mom and loved ones is very vital. He said he is deeply saddened whilst he learns of deaths of his close to and expensive ones even as he isn’t always dwelling in Bangladesh.

Data Privacy and Protection for Poor Customers

WASHINGTON DC, Apr 09 (IPS) – Matthew Soursourian and Michael Joyce, the Consultative group to assist the bad (CGAP)*research increasingly demonstrates that bad customers, just like different clients, fee their privateness and care deeply approximately the protection of their non-public statistics. however what do providers reflect onconsideration on acquiring, the use of, storing and sharing in my opinion identifiable facts?
remaining yr, CGAP interviewed 26 modern and information-centric financial offerings vendors in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin the usa and Sub-Saharan Africa, consisting of banks, cell cash companies and agencies that offer credit scoring and service provider services.

We requested them what role client statistics performs of their agencies and what they are doing to make certain the privateness and protection of the information they gather. here’s what we learned.

information are a guarded asset

providers often regard their data as a valuable aggressive asset, and they take steps to defend it. facts policies, in which they exist, regularly power those protecting measures. however all carriers have motive to invest in protection due to the possibility of a statistics breach and the desire to hold their aggressive advantages.

those drivers of business practices offer an opportunity for regulators to act as it manner that incentives are aligned among vendors and their customers. as an example, vendors might be willing to simply accept more strong and doubtlessly costly data governance standards imposed via regulators if the benefits to them — more secure virtual property — are emphasised.

statistics sharing isn’t always as sizeable as often assumed

notwithstanding the hype round large records’s potential to transform finance, we discovered that gaining access to transactional, telephone use or demographic information held by way of 0.33 parties (in particular cell community operators) stays a frustration for plenty younger groups.

while cellular network operators do promote get admission to, the expenses may not be commercially feasible for start-ups. a number of the providers we spoke with have modified their business fashions due to pricing issues, reducing their reliance on 0.33-birthday celebration facts.

Many firms also recognize that counting on a 3rd-birthday party supply for data creates a chance for their business. The upward thrust of smartphones represents an opportunity to bypass reliance on the big datasets of installed companies and obtain facts without delay from purchasers.

speaking about privacy isn’t a concern

providers instructed us that communicating to clients about privacy does not rank surprisingly on their listing of priorities. Given clients’ restrained interest span and the relative importance of speaking product cost, commands and pricing, privateness does not always upward push to the top. moreover, low literacy tiers and mobile shipping already make it difficult to explain how a person’s facts may be used.

these findings aid the concept of moving past a note and consent model, that is primarily based on the idea that customers understand how the provider intends to apply their facts. restrained statistics retention isn’t always being taken into consideration

maximum of the companies we interviewed have been not considering proscribing facts retention. In part, this can mirror the fact that many of them are younger companies. but it may additionally be because policies aren’t continually in place to force vendors to develop professional regulations. wherein data guidelines do exist, a few mandate that statistics be retained for most effective so long as important for the related carrier.

at the expiration of the retention duration, corporations ought to delete or anonymize the facts. With the growth of increasingly more cheap statistics storage, companies may be much less worried approximately preserving records longer than vital unless rules pressure them to destroy or anonymize. but, retention of facts affords privacy and safety risks.

Many companies are begin-u.s.and may be angling for acquisition by means of larger corporations. In this case, client information can be transferred to a separate enterprise entity with out the consent or even consciousness of customers. companies may additionally need to suppose greater cautiously approximately information retention and the managing of statistics at some stage in the lifecycle of their corporations.

move-quarter statistics governance concepts should offer cost

despite the fact that present standards along with the GSMA Code of behavior for mobile money companies, the smart marketing campaign and the better Than coins Alliance’s accountable virtual bills recommendations cowl factors of privateness, carriers stated they could advantage from a extra focused set of voluntary requirements associated with privacy and statistics safety.

because of the growing trend of bundling economic offerings with different merchandise, it is able to be greater effective to broaden standards that might practice to and be followed by all sorts of information-centric service providers.

these standards could also include principles associated with records sharing and information standardization, which would permit new business fashions primarily based on third-birthday party data to operate responsibly. some corporations additionally emphasized the want for steerage on first-class practices in facts security and privateness, inclusive of statistics retention.

In sum, we see some disconnects between how strongly customers sense about their information and the way providers weigh privacy and safety concerns against other industrial goals. on the equal time, there are opportunities to enhance statistics protection with the aid of leveraging the incentive of vendors to protect their competitive belongings.

As regulators broaden stronger statistics protection frameworks, paying attention to companies’ views can help them to perceive potential “win-wins” and areas in which stricter regulations and principles are important to shield consumers. *The Consultative group to assist the poor (CGAP) is a worldwide partnership of over 30 leading corporations, that develops revolutionary solutions via realistic studies and active engagement with monetary carrier providers, policy makers, and funders.

Freedom of Speech and Blocks News Websites in Azerbaijan

NEW YORK, Apr 10 (IPS) – Gulnoza stated, Committee to guard newshounds, Europe and valuable Asia studies accomplice*President Ilham Aliyev claims that during Azerbaijan the net is free and press freedom is guaranteed. but beforehand of the April 11 snap elections, authorities have systematically silenced critical voices on line thru amending legal guidelines and blocking information web sites, and hackers have attacked unbiased information stores.
In a speech at the arena financial forum in Davos this year, Aliyev said that about eighty percentage of the u . s .’s population have been on-line, adding, “while net is loose, with none censorship and absolute majority of populace are the use of net, it’s far difficult to speak about limit of press.”

but, Azerbaijanis ready to examine the election effects–with any luck when they solid ballots, not before, as came about in 2013 –were cut off from unbiased or critical coverage of Aliyev and his own family.

In March final year, Azerbaijan’s parliament handed amendments to the law on records, Informatisation, and safety of facts to allow authorities to shutdown websites with out a courtroom ruling, in keeping with reviews.

And in can also the Ministry of delivery, Communications and high era blocked get admission to to the websites of the RFE/RL Azeri-language carrier domestically called Azadliq, Berlin-based unbiased on line news company Meydan tv, impartial day by day newspaper Azadliq, and the online broadcasters Turan television and Azerbaycan Saati (Azerbaijan Hour), CPJ said on the time.

A Baku court docket ruled that the shops promoted violence, hatred, or extremism, violated privacy or constituted slander.

In a declaration, RFE/RL stated that the pass to dam its Azeri website came after it posted investigative reports approximately financial sports allegedly linked to contributors of President Aliyev’s circle of relatives and internal circle. the opening tried to combat the ban, however in December a Baku court docket of appeals upheld the selection and all the web sites stay blocked, in keeping with reviews.

government additionally ordered get entry to to the website of the organized Crime and Corruption Reporting task (OCCRP) to be blocked in September after the Sarajevo-based agency published “The Azerbaijan Laundromat,” which implicated the authorities in diverse money laundering and lobbying schemes, in step with a Freedom residence record.

while contacted by means of CPJ for comment about situations for the press, Mushfig Aleskerli, deputy chairman of Azerbaijan’s Press Council, asked for inquiries to be despatched through e mail, but as of April nine the media authority has no longer spoke back to the emailed questions.

Social media bills of critics have also been focused with the aid of hackers and criminal complaints, which many Azeri newshounds say they consider are part of a central authority attempt to silence them.

while the fb account of the award-triumphing outlet Meydan television changed into hacked on January 29, it lost 100,000–almost one-fifth–of the subscribers to its Azeri, English and Russian-language pages, and all content published due to the fact that 2012 turned into deleted.

group of workers at Meydan tv advised CPJ at the time that it turned into devastating to lose the followers that they worked so tough for. in line with the outlet’s 2017 annual document, each 0.33 facebook person from Azerbaijan turned into a Meydan tv follower. fb was ultimately capable of repair Meydan’s one hundred,000 followers in late March, however the deleted content has now not been restored.

In overdue December, YouTube eliminated 4 Meydan television motion pictures that allegedly infringed YouTube’s copyright regulations, after Muse Networks, a employer based totally in Turkey and with an workplace in Baku, filed a criticism, in line with Meydan television director Emin Milli.

Milli instructed CPJ at the time that the movies contained video and audio clips both produced or owned through Meydan. The movies protected allegations of legitimate corruption, police brutality, and reports at the monetary dealing of President Aliyev and his own family, and the nation oil organisation.

Muse community blamed a technical mistakes for copyright moves, apologized, and the videos were restored, Milli said, including, “I have no doubts the Azerbaijani government is in the back of this.”

Azadliq, RFE/RL’s Azeri-language service, had six films removed from YouTube in early January, also after Muse Networks flagged alleged copyright violations. Azadliq is a leading information channel in Azerbaijan with over one hundred,000 subscribers and extra than forty million annual perspectives, in line with RFE/RL. Azadliq’s director Ilkin Mammadov told the independent website Coda tale the movies were restored after Azadliq complained to YouTube.

Azerbaijani journalists have additionally pronounced an growth in trolling and virtual denial of service (DDoS) assaults.

Alex Raufoglu, a Washington, D.C.-based Azerbaijani journalist who contributes to the unbiased information corporation Turan, told CPJ that the authorities follows “the textbook of silencing critical media.”

“no longer handiest has there been extra trolling these days, but the remarks the trolls go away repeat and replica every different. meaning they are centralized and managed through the authorities,” Raufoglu said.

Investigative reporter Khadija Ismayilova advised regional news internet site Kavkazsky Uzel she believed bots in addition to “employees of nation establishments or newshounds of pro-government media,” are behind the trolling, adding, ” are obliged to write comments beneath the posts of critics of energy.”

within the same article, Ogtay Gulaliyev, head of the advocacy group Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners, stated assaults from trolls growth when he posts some thing crucial about the president’s assistant for public and political opinions, Ali Hasanov.

Sevinc Osmanqizi, who contributes to Meydan tv, has additionally alleged that Hasanov is related to net trolls. She circulated a letter that she wrote to Hasanov on April eight, wherein she called on the presidential assistant to order “his trolls” to cease attacking her facebook and YouTube pages.

Hasanov denied being connected to any online attacks. “I unequivocally declare that the accusations and the slander that I instructed troll or a few fictional organizations to insult positive people are clearly defamatory and target the government of Azerbaijan and me in my opinion,” Hasanov said in a declaration dispensed through pro-authorities media.

In response to Hasanov’s declaration, Richard Kauzlarich, a former U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan who has been categorised a secret agent and a “staff critic” after raising the u . s . a .’s negative press freedom file, tweeted, “Oh however you did arrange slander in opposition to me for my part five years ago–using false news in government-managed media.”

Turan contributor Raufoglu told CPJ that the assaults via trolls and bots are “simply one, albeit conspicuous, detail of the Azerbaijani regime’s ‘arsenal’ to fight freedom of speech.”

*Gulnoza stated is a journalist and communications professional with over 15 years of experience in the big apple, Prague, Bratislava, and Tashkent. She has protected problems including politics, media, faith, and human rights with a focal point on crucial Asia, Russia, and Turkey.

Venezuela Crisis, International Community Take Action

UNITED countries, Apr 10 (IPS) – 365 days into the maximum current series of protests and a humanitarian disaster without a end in sight, international organizations have referred to as for movement to assist guard Venezuelans. A complex political and financial crisis in Venezuela has left thousands and thousands without get entry to to fundamental offerings and sources, prompting UN corporations and human rights groups like Human Rights Watch to talk up and urge movement.
“Venezuela needs assist to address and overwhelming disaster,” stated singer Ricardo Montaner along Human Rights Watch on the launch of the #TodosConVenezuela, or together with Venezuelans, campaign.

“join me. it is now not simply my activity or yours, it is something we need to all do. tell your buddies—let’s do that together,” he continued.

The campaign, released beforehand of the Summit of the Americas in which global leaders will discuss the state of affairs in Venezuela, asks the public to tweet at Latin American presidents to confront Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro approximately authorities abuses.

Such abuses consist of the suppression of dissent as authorities critics are often arbitarily detained and prosecuted in military tribunals.

An envisioned seven hundred civilians had been prosecuted in army courts for offenses together with revolt and treason.

severa UN unique Rapporteurs additionally found “immoderate and indiscriminate use of force” all through anti-authorities protests.

“Protests have to now not be criminalized,” they stated.

meanwhile, Venezuela has been dealing with a extreme economic crisis considering the fact that international oil fees plummeted in 2014.

The South American country now has the very best inflation price within the world which now exceeds 6,000 percentage, making it nearly not possible for Venezuelans to access medicine and food and causing a health crisis.

In three hundred and sixty five days alone, maternal mortality and toddler mortality increased with the aid of 65 percentage and 30 percentage respectively. Over 80 percent of the u . s . now stay in poverty.

driven with the aid of the dearth of get admission to to simple offerings as well as political tensions, almost two million Venezuelans have left the u . s ., causing the humanitarian disaster to spill over.

Carlos Miguele Machado informed Human Rights Wach that he left his domestic country because he could not discover medicine that his spouse wanted after undergoing thyroid surgical treatment.

“I needed to travel a long way, pass from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for the medicine, and i could not discover it—and it is very high priced inside the black market,” he said.

both Colombia and Brazil have seen the largest numbers of migrants crossing their borders in current months. to this point, over 1 million Venezuelans have reached Colombia whilst Brazil estimates that over 800 enters its country every day. “as the complicated political and socio-economic scenario in their united states keeps to get worse, arriving Venezuelans are in greater desperate need of meals, refuge, and health care. Many also want global safety,” stated UN high Comissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson William Spindler.

As public offerings in Brazil come to be increasingly stretched in response to the inflows, UNCHR has ramped up its efforts to help sign in and residence Venezuelans. The business enterprise has spread out new shelters for inclined Venezuelans which might be already nearly at capability.

so as to put into effect its local response plan, UNCHR made an enchantment of $46 million to donors. so far, it’s far only four percent funded.

further, the worldwide Organizaation for Migration (IOM) released a regional motion plan to strengthen response to the massive-scale of flows of Venezuelans.

“IOM’s regional movement Plan…represents a call for the global network to make a contribution to and improve the authorities efforts to obtain and help Venezuelans, in order that those efforts may be sustained,” said IOM’s local Director for South the us Diego Beltrand, encouraging host countries to adopt measures to help regularize Venezuelans’ stay.

international food Programme Director David Beasely also urged the international community step up worldwide donor funding to be able to save you the “humanitarian catastrophe” unraveling at the Colombian border.

“this could change into an absolute catastrophe in exceptional proportions for the Western Hemisphere,” Beasely stated even as journeying Colombia.

“I don’t think humans around the arena realise how bad the situation is and how much worse it can thoroughly be,” he endured, pointing to the case of Syria’s crisis which started with a minor meals emergency.

the approaching presidential vote in may in Venezuela could decide the destiny of the united states of america and its residents.